Landing Page Copywriting


Jul 22, 2021 Published

Finish this phrase: My goal is for this content to...

Please help to rewrite the landing page content and also footer content.

The goal is attracting people to sign up and use my service.

I bought ads to reach people and I am using analysis tools. We found people will fully read the content but not sign up and did not try it even is free service.

What you should know before you read !!!!!!

Our landing page is talking about blogging system and support business. However, we just added some features to support video/audio hosting. So the copywriting I want to create is different from current landing page.

Firstage is a platform to sell digital products instead of just a blog service.

What we changed/added?

  1. We will provide all service for free. We will not charge transaction fee or monthly fee even creator have revenue.

  2. Added video/audio hosting.

Other features like data analyse, marketing, content builder are the same as original.

What service we are promoting?

Firstage includes content builder, marketing, data analyse and payment all in one place. The content builder also support video/audio hosting and the payment we support recurring and one-time payment.

Firstage support creator to sell access to membership content, Video, Podcast , digit products(Files), Newsletters.

It means creator can host membership site and subscirpition website

And all functions are free, we don't charge any fee.

Who is the Main audience of your product/service?

Designer, Programmer, Artist, Doctor, Marketer, Financer

Person who has know-how: To sell the access to their content. The content could be video/audio/text/images. Like,

  1. Video course like programming, languages, fitness and design.

  2. Audio same as podcast

  3. Images could be design stuff, pictorial

  4. Text could like novel, know-how

Please list any pain points/problems your target audience faces and how your product/service solves the problem -- as well as the benefits your customer will experience when using your product or service.

Pain points/Problems

  1. Most of service can not embed service, such as google sheet or google map survey form

  2. No service native support content builder, marketing, data analyse and payment all-in-one place

  3. Need to learn how to install plugin into their website, like SEO stuff, animation, comment, forms, payments

  4. Each plugin or service has a own price, such as newsletter, subscription payment and theme

  5. Hard to interact to their audiences, like comments, likes or poll tool

  6. Have no data to analyse audience

  7. They could not have own branding

  8. Some tools can be installed in own website, but it needs to setup and that would be difficult to learn. Or even need coding skill.

How we solve?

  1. No learning curve, no charge any fee, no coding, no broken integrations, plugins. We all setup by default.

  2. Creator can embed 1900+ media service just by pasting the link. Such as, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, Google map, Google form etc.

  3. Native support video hosting, audio hosting , digit downloads, voting , table, and coding editor, 30k+ high quality images

  4. Data analyse such as, active users, uniq users views, engagement time and referral url which all the data get from GA.

  5. (newsletters) We will send the newest content to the subscriber for free

  6. Native SEO

  7. Support one-time payment or recurring payment. 0% transaction fee and $0 flat fee.

Is there anything else you think would help me in writing the most powerful copy?

Our goal is creator can focus on their content creation rather than technical stuff. Like Wordpress, its a great tool for building website and customise. However it’s not that every creator knows how to build it up and like to learn coding stuff or setup SEO. It might need to take 1 month to learn how to host. And Wordpress will need to pay for each process when you are building it. Such as hosting, payment, theme, powerful editor and newsletter are all need to pay. We all provide for free except payment.

Last but not least

The last section is about telling to use service.

We decide to remove pricing table.

And tell user we support for free, they have unlimited products, views, revenue(creator profit) and 10GB storage size. We don't have transaction fee or monthly flat fee. But if they want to extend storage size. They need to inivite people to use, both of them will have 5GB more.

And tell sign up and use.

The copywriting style!!!!

Minimalist, Try to mention every our key points but not redundancy.