Landing page feedbacks


Aug 10, 2021 Published

I would like the illustration have more the richness and more details design.

  1. Our service sells digital products like video, audio, text content, files, newsletters by hosting a membership website at Firstage.

    The product could be blog content, newsletters, online courses, coaching podcasts, or digital products.

    I want a picture regarding the products we can sell or host. Readers should know what the Firstage can do when they see the image.

  2. I want to try different illustration style for the most top section first.

  3. Prefer the shapes or boundary are irregular, not too much rectangle or square

The most top section I mention

The style I would like to try

The irregular shape

The rectangle or square shape I am not prefer

  1. I will make the parallax effect when scrolling. I need more float designs with shadow and overlap design. For example ,

  1. Need more brand logos here that I can do parallax

  1. Like to show more real widget from Firstage. Like video, audio, file download, voting(poll) widget which mean those widget need to redesign in the mean time.