Firstage Analyse


Jul 17, 2021 Published

2. Your logo

business images or any helpful bruto materials about the products/servises of the company



4. Target the people who might want to use (free)blog. Such as writer, marketer, programmer, blogger, seller, course seller or trainer



Description of product

A writing platform includes content builder, marketing, data analyse all in one place. Creator could have own blog, branding and own subscriber. For the first stage we only roll out the free version which creator can create their own content and have free subscription system. Next month we will roll out payment which creator could have pay subscription or one-time payment to have business by their own content.

What we solve?

Our goal is creator can focus on their content creation rather than technical stuff. Like Wordpress, its a great tool for building website and customise. However it’s not every creator knows how to build it up and learning coding stuff or setup SEO. It might need to take 1 month to learn how to host. And Wordpress will need to pay for each process when you are building it. Such as hosting, payment, theme, powerful editor and newsletter are all need to pay. We all provide for free except payment.

The payment system we charge a flat fee $9/month and %0 transaction fee.


More advantages we currently provide:

1.     No learning curve, coding, setup, hidden fee.

  1. Creator can embedding 1900+ media service just by pasting the link. Such as, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, Google map, Google form etc. 

  2. Support comment, poll, likes to interact to their readers 

  3. Support other tools like table, free images, code editor and file downloads 

  4. Can have own branding 

  5. Data analyse such as, active users, uniq users views, engagement time and referral url which all the data get from GA. 

  6. We will send the newest content to the subscriber for free 

  7. Native SEO